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Your FULL name will be on the posts now

Started by administrator, 10/03/2002 09:10AM
Posted 10/03/2002 09:10AM Opening Post
I simply do not have enough hours in the day to now go through and approve all the AstroMart users again so they can have - Dave D or Fred F etc on their FORUMS postings.
Now your FULL name will be shown. If you feel this is an invasion of your privacy just do not post on the FORUMS and no one will know your name.
Sorry if this sounds harsh but I have to start getting a life back and AstroMart is just consuming too much of my time. It was a couple hours a day and now it is averaging nearly 6 hours per day. The bigger it is getting the more demands on my time.
Herb York
Posted 10/04/2002 06:41AM #1
Hi Herb,

I feel like the straw that broke the camel's back. Full names works for me. Keep up a great set of forums.