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Black LIves Matter Murderer Kills 6 and Injures more than 50 and CNN proves their bias

Started by richartisticwoods, 11/30/2021 03:25AM
Posted 11/30/2021 03:25AM | Edited 11/30/2021 03:26AM Opening Post
By blaming a vehicle instead of the BLM Murdering Killer for the carnage.

Now we all know that had the Murderer who said he was going to kill the people, been wearing a MAGA hat, the left would be investigating his family for the next 12 months or more. 

But since it was a Black Man who is a Black Lives Matter Activist, who killed at least 6 and seriously injured more than 50 innocent people as he weaved back and forth running people over, the left here and everywhere along with CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and you name the leftist news outlet, they have essentially Ignored the story.

Now then we all know why, it is because the leftist media is more corrupt than the Former Soviet Socialist Republic, or Hunter Biden. 

Where is Fake Rod to exhibit his outrage?  I don't recall any of the leftists here talking about this huge story that their DNC operative News outlets have essentially swept under the rug?

Now when Kyle Rittenhouse was Attacked by an ANGRY MOB Of Joe Biden Voting Democrats, well CNN, MSNBC, and all the other Leftist News outlets which are an extension wing of the DNC, it was all over CNN and MSNBC full time, morning, noon, and night. 

So can any leftist Democrat here like Fake Rod explain why all of their Leftist extension wing of the DNC News outlets haven't reported on it?

Why do they keep saying that a Car or an SUV crashed into the crowd, instead of reporting it factually as a Mass Murder by the Joe Biden Voting Black Lives Matter Murderer dirtbag?

Why haven't the Leftist News outlets like CNN told us the background of the Criminal Mass Murderer Black Lives Matter Activist who killed 6 and injured over 50 people, some of whom may die in the hospital. 

Where is the outrage by the leftist Democrats here to speak up about the Mass Murder that occurred in Waukesha, WI by a Joe Biden voting Black Lives Matter Criminal Murderer, who went on a Mass Murder rampage after the Jury in Kenosha acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse?

Why isn't anyone on the left like Fake Rod posting about this travesty? 

Can any of you leftist Democrats explain why your Leftist Democrat News Outlets like CNN and MSNBC are sweeping this major crime and mass murder under the rug?