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Started by rpasken, 09/22/2008 10:08AM
Posted 09/22/2008 10:08AM Opening Post
Yet more quotes from the current financial mess

If a Democratic president were backing a $700B bail-out, I have to think that Republicans would be crying "Socialism!" But if a Republican president does the same, the bail-out's natural enemies keep silent out of loyalty or in-group bias. It's a lot like the contemporary Republican reaction to Nixon's price controls - if our boy is doing it, how bad can it be?

Hmm. Conservatives abandoning all principle and intellectual honesty because of Republican in-group bias? Couldn't happen in America in the 21st century, could it?
Posted 09/22/2008 02:00PM #1
Repubs try socialist solutions the few times it`s pragmatic to...Dems try it as a philosophy.