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Started by robcos, 04/08/2004 08:49AM
Posted 04/08/2004 08:49AM Opening Post
From todays hearing. Can anyone find the inconsistency in this?

"I don't remember the al Qaeda cells being something that we were told we needed to do something about," she said.

Ben-Veniste also asked asked her about an August 6, 2001, intelligence memo to the president on al Qaeda.

When Ben-Veniste asked her about the title of the memo, she said she believed it suggested that bin Laden was determined to attack inside the United States.

LOL. I love it. He didn't mention Al Queda, but he did mention Bin Laden was determined to attack us. LOL. She kills me.

Personally, I always love the phrase "i don't recall"..especially when she as much as called Clarke a liar two weeks she CAN'T RECALL".

To summarize:

Condi Rice: "I don't recall if he said that or not, but he's a liar."