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Ebola Zaire.

Started by richartisticwoods, 10/15/2014 12:54AM
Posted 10/15/2014 12:54AM Opening Post

If you read the article, it talks about the nurses having to deal with "explosive diarrhea" and projectile vomiting from the patients with Ebola. I'm sorry that the guy died, but I think with this latest nurse getting infected, why are the flights from the infected areas of Africa even being allowed to land on US soil? This is nuts. Thinking back to my days of Microbiology class, I know that hundreds of thousands of viruses might fill up the head of a pin, and when it takes perhaps one of these to infect a human, this can't stand. We don't need to be putting our healthcare folks in this kind of needless danger because some bureaucrats don't have the sense to close our borders to possible killer viruses.

I say close the borders to any people boarding flights from Sierra Leone or Liberia heading to the United States.
Posted 10/15/2014 06:41AM #1
Great. Now another health care worker at the Hospital where the Ebola patient was treated in Dallas has come down with Ebola. It was confirmed this morning.

But hey don't worry, there aren't any plans to stop allowing people from Liberia or Sierra Leone, in West Africa from coming into this country. We wouldn't want to be discriminating against the Africans by putting a stop to this madness. How would that 'look'? After all, Jesse Jackson might get Al Sharpton to join him in protest if our gov't showed some common sense and stopped these West Africans from entering via air transport.

I mean its already been hinted at by the family members of Mr. Duncan and the Reverend Jesse Jackson that he didn't receive the proper and same equivalent treatment as the white Ebola patients, and because why? Well see he was black and therefore it just had to be racist that he only received about $500,000 of FREE services by said hospital. Nevermind that the man didn't have any insurance whatsoever, he received the best treatment the hospital knew how to give, which so far has caused 2 American healthcare workers to come down with the disease.

How does this sound? How about this government grows a brain and closes the stinkin' border to those coming to the US from West Africa. If we want to get a handle on the Ebola situation before it becomes a full-blown crisis, that might be a sensible first move. :S