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Franken trounces Limbaugh

Started by robcos, 05/28/2004 11:07AM
Posted 05/28/2004 11:07AM Opening Post
Not only did he beat Rush, but he also has the highest startup ratings ever in radio. Imagine how Rush feels being beaten by the guy whose book called him a Big Fat Idiot. I love it.
Posted 05/28/2004 12:28PM #1
MSNBC reported it last night. WBZ newsradio here in Mass. just mentioned it also.
Posted 05/28/2004 03:11PM #2
Beat him how? What were the apples and oranges being compared? It does not seem plausible that it would be total listeners given Rush's huge market penetration because I thought that Franken was only on the air in a couple of big city markets. If it was head to head in a given market, like L.A. or NYC, it is hardly surprising. I don't listen to either (Franken is not in my market yet, and I feel guilty enough looking at A.Mart periodically at work, without tying up my workstation streaming a radio show!