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Gas Prices Down

Started by bschmall, 05/26/2012 04:02PM
Posted 05/26/2012 04:02PM Opening Post
Since President Obama was harshly blamed for the increase in gas prices a few months ago, fairness requires that he be warmly thanked for the recent reduction in prices. Makes sense, right?
Posted 05/27/2012 03:16AM #1
Yes, because for a liberal, fairness trumps all, including facts.

IIRC, most of the blame being tossed around here was at "speculators".

Obama had his small part in the price increase by limiting the supply of oil. But we're talking 1% or thereabouts in the short-term big picture. That hasn't changed a bit. But he could have helped the future supply a lot by allowing drilling. Planning for tomorrow, lowering oil futures prices, and ultimately our price at the pump. We may have the world's largest oil reserves and could have a strong impact on world prices (contrary to what the Obama supporters say with their flat-earther peak oil theories). Short term, it's just the damand that has gone down due to depressed world economies caused by socialistic governments spending and taxing like there's no tomorrow. You know, the ones that are trying to achieve "fairness". Guess which three countries lead the world in a achieving income equality (eg "fairness)? It's Greece, Spain, and France. Icons of social reasoning, all.

Regular unleaded is $4.29/gal around here this week. Wonderful. California has it's own special set of fairness achievers running the state and driving up the cost of everything. Our gross public debt is $378 billion, closing in on Greece's 330 billion euros. But our state is solving bigger problems. We are totally preparing for the onslaught of global warming, whether it be wet, dry, hot, cold, or snowy.
Posted 05/27/2012 03:57PM #2
Prices are down because Obama hasn't done much saber rattling about the Iranian nuclear program. After Israel attacks them, the Iranians will mine the Persian Gulf and Egypt will close the Suez Canal. Then prices will go right back up.

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