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Started by robcos, 05/10/2004 02:09PM
Posted 05/10/2004 02:09PM Opening Post
The fact is, if we weren't breaking the Geneva Convention rules, then Right Wingers would be holding their heads up high saying "We uphold the Geneva Convention rules-we're not savages!"

However, since we ARE breaking from the Geneva Convention, they say "Lucky we're breaking from the Geneva Convention-times have changed-we simply have to!"

So funny. I'm convinced that so many right wingers simply don't know what they believe.

Oh, if the last year had gone EXACTLY the same way under Clinton, then the right would be all over his butt and demanding his removal as President.

Sadly, I'm sure the right secretly agrees with me on this point-though they'll never say it.
Posted 05/10/2004 03:20PM #1
Bush deridingly referred to the Geneva Conventions doctrines, requiring humane treatment of PWSs and civilians, as "legalisms".

With our President and Commander in Chief of our military considering the Geneva convention in that way, it is little wonder that all the atrocities have occurred.

Bush himself set the standard of conduct by the way he talked about the Geneva Conventions.

Now, well-intended and patriotic American military personnel, of low rank, who had no training on the Geneva Conventions, and some who never even heard of them before being accused, will wind up paying the price, probably with prison terms and destruction of careers, as scapegoats.

Of course, Rumsfeld has been doing an outstanding job as Sec. of Defense, the best ever, according to our President.

God Bless America.