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IT Was All BS, They Reached A Deal Back In March...

Started by Rod Kaufman, 06/08/2019 10:53PM
Posted 06/15/2019 09:56PM #40
Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman
Donald Trump, speaking of the great leader, "We fell in Love". NO, REALLY, We fell in love"...
Hey Rod, who is your choice for Candidate of the 2020 election?  Is it Bill DeBlasio?  After all, NYC is running so well these days, and is such a pleasant place to visit this time of year, when all the lovely smell of feces and urine permeates the atmosphere.

Or Perhaps you're more of a Bernie Guy eh?  The guy who actually had his honeymoon in the Soviet while now railing against Donald Trump, trying to convince the world that Trump is a Russian spy when Bernie has been known to tell the world just how wonderful Russia really is.  

No Irony there, Right Rod??  LOL  tongue
Posted 06/16/2019 02:33AM #41
Originally Posted by Jim Moscheck

This is the BS we have to put up on a daily basis. How can anyone support this liar?
Hey Forrest Jr., he wasn't lying and you jumped the gun.

Has that egg dried off your face?  LOL