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It's Logical: Fire Rumsfeld or Impeach Bush

Started by hknytych, 05/06/2004 04:06PM
Posted 05/06/2004 04:06PM Opening Post
The fact cannot be denied that higher-ups were not providing oversight for the six reservist grunts who tortured Iraqi captives. This has been going on for months, on Rumsfeld's watch. Last I've heard, he considers the Geneva convention out of date and irrelevant with regard to Iraqi prisoners, which is gross equivocation. He is accountable for doing nothing.

* If he was truly ignorant of what was going on, he is incompetent and needs to be canned.
* If he knew what was going on and chose not to report it to Cheney and Bush, he is derilect in his duty and should be canned.
* If he knew and reported it to Cheney and Bush, then BUSH should be impeached.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the GOP Congress to take action, although you may need to hold your breath to avoid the rotten smell.