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Joe Biden's America: Black Lives Marxists will rule the day.

Started by richartisticwoods, 06/27/2020 12:51AM
Posted 06/29/2020 05:34PM #10
Originally Posted by James Brown

Hi Brian:

Actually, Rich rages and hates about 75 - 80% of the population - all of the Ds of course plus the countless Rs who are not 100% fanatical Trump supporters.  Indeed it is sad.

Yeah, I was being generous but thank you for the correction! 
Posted 06/29/2020 05:36PM | Edited 06/29/2020 05:37PM #11
Originally Posted by Brian McFarland

Richard would rather have them hating and raging against the entire other half of the population of the country because their politics are different. I can't imagine a more sad and pathetic way to go through life. 

Do you see the irony in your posting, and your blindness to what is going on all around you, or are you as ignorant as Brown?

They already ARE HATING and RAGING against the Right and the System.

They're called socialist/marxist Democrats and they hate this country and they are burning it to the ground.  

I guess you didn't notice because well...  You're obviously that obtuse!  
Posted 06/29/2020 05:51PM #12
Originally Posted by Jim Moscheck
Dude, Is that an autographed album? Looks like it could be Pete's sig.
I wish it were mine, I just cut/pasted it from the web.