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JPMorgan Study

Started by Mel M, 05/21/2020 02:52AM
Posted 05/23/2020 04:37PM #10
Posted 05/23/2020 04:48PM #11
Originally Posted by Mel Maki
Some people are claiming the JP Morgan study shows lockdowns don't work if there is already a lot of virus in the area. They claim European countries that locked down have not done better than countries that didn't. They are claiming similar results in some areas of the US adding that 20 states coming out of the lockdown do not have raising rates. I would wait awhile before claiming a victory there.
Though the HK-China border passes 2.5 million a month and the government is not very effective they are claiming death is remarkable low because the citizens have dealt with SARS and Hong Kong Flu and are experts at social distancing.
Critics of lockdowns also say they destroy the health care system. Surveys show 4 out of 5 people are afraid to go to the ER for heart attacks, strokes, and other problems that can worsen. Cancer screenings are down 90%.
Deaths of despair are up 75,000, higher from no jobs, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse. They are claiming these deaths will be higher than virus deaths.
The calls to suicide hotlines are up 1000% since the lockdowns.  Not 100% up, but 1000% up.  

The ones who really pushed the lockdowns from the beginning, before they even knew what was happening, and before they bothered to think of the ramifications that would occur because of the fear instilled in public by the media were the leftists and the leftist media.  

They were pushing for an IMMEDIATE shutdown before they even bothered to think what the consequences were that could happen.

Did those like Rod here consider a thing?  Did he and those like him consider the economic consequences, let alone the consequence for those who needed critical chemotherapy or radiation therapy, who wouldn't be able to get their treatments?  

Of course not.  The entire shutdown which has put 38 MILLION Americans out of work wasn't thought through past the end of anyone's nose. 


And we were told "it is worth it".  

These are the platitudes coming from the left and from those who don't have a monetary care in the world.

And when you question them and ask them about the people who don't have jobs now, those who can't make their car payments, their rent payments, their mortgage payments, those who lost the businesses they worked their entire lives to build, those who lost restaurants, those who are arrested by police followin orders given down by totalitarian governors, and those who committed suicide as reported by many health professionals, or those who didn't get their care for other diseases, they ignore you.

They don't want to hear it.

The others who didn't get care or killed themselves, why those are "acceptable deaths".  

After all, at least they didn't die from the Corona virus.