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Mosque bombing and aftermath

Started by tiafolla, 02/23/2006 09:39AM
Posted 02/23/2006 09:39AM Opening Post
Well, it looks like Iraq had its own version of 9-11 yesterday, with the destruction of one of the most important Shiite symbols. Here's how the population is reacting: Huge demonstrations, with men weeping, wailing, and of course firing automatic weapons into the air. Civil unrest is rampant, with members of each tribe screaming God is Great, death to everyone else. The president of Iran is blaming America and Israel (of course). Shiites are indiscriminately killing other groups: 48 Sunni workers dragged from a bus and killed, execution style. Dozens of executed bodies found dumped on city streets. Men entering a prison and killing, in their cells, all the Sunnis held there.

Iraq's big cheese, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, called on Shiites to take to the streets. Iraq's police and military forces (so carefully trained by virtue of our thousands of lives and billions of dollars) are discarding their uniforms and doing just that.

The contrast with America's reaction to 9-11 is a clear ilustration of the irreconcilable differences between our societies. I'm feeling pretty pessmistic about our chances of success in Iraq. When are we going to get the hell out of there?

Tim Iafolla
Posted 02/23/2006 09:55AM #1
"Civil unrest is rampant". I would change that to "Civil war is rampant."
Posted 02/25/2006 05:08PM #2
Weren't there riots here after Rodney King got beat? Weren't there riots after Martin Luther King got shot? Weren't there riots after OJ got off? (Wait...o.k. in 2 out of 3 cases anyway. wink )

We have to be careful about characterizing rioters as barbarians. We might have to look in the mirror. If any U.S. sports team wins a championship, there's a 30% chance of major rioting breaking out in the winning city. shocked

I think riots are to be expected after the main mosque of a countries major religious sect gets bombed. If the Vatican got bombed, I think many people would be more than a little upset. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that the Iraqi government retained as much control over the situation as they did. Not only that leaders from all faiths came together to try and quell the unrest and work on putting a government together. :S

If the vast majority of Iraqis are peaceful and voted and are participating in the process. Don't call them barbarians just because we need a convenient exit strategy. These are the same people that liberals say I shouldn't be nervous about riding the bus with here in the U.S. :S

If the Iraqis are seriously intent on having a civil war, we should arm the sides we like and leave. But, I'm not sure that we are at that point. If we leave prematurely, I suspect that 3 million Iraqis will leave with us and try to set up shop here. :S

We really need those Iraqis to stay in Iraq, fight terrorists, rebuild their country, and learn to live peacefully with other people. :S

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