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Natiional Sales Tax?

Started by hknytych, 10/21/2004 01:18PM
Posted 10/21/2004 01:18PM Opening Post
Yesterday I heard the neocons in the House and in the Bush administration are proposing (1) to ELIMINATE all corporate taxes (2) abolish the IRS, thereby eliminating personal exemptions, and, get this, (3) establish a 23% national sales tax!!

This seemed pretty preposterous, so I googled on 'national sales tax', and found a review in the August 9 online issue of the National Review. Haven't found any other source to verify (I have a life, and can't spend oodles of time looking to stuff). Has anyone else picked up on this? :S
Posted 10/21/2004 03:02PM #1
Hi Howard,

Welcome to the rest of the world. Wherever there has been a conservative government in western countries, they have introduced some form of consumption tax (VAT UK & Canada, GST in Oz) and reduced income tax, particularly for the wealthy.

The usual justifcation has been that the wealthy will pay more because they spend more. What they convieniently forget, is that they add a tax to the necessities of life (food etc) which everyone requires to approximately the same amount, so those less wealthy wind up being much worse off as a greater protion of their income goes in tax.

Avoid it at all costs! :C



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Posted 10/22/2004 08:46AM #2
Speaking just for myself, Jim, I'm fully aware of what portion of my gross income is my take home pay whenever I look at my pay stub, and I'll wager most people are also intelligent enough to figure it out.