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Opinion of Murtha's position

Started by tiafolla, 12/19/2005 08:42AM
Posted 12/19/2005 08:42AM Opening Post
I'm interested in the opinions of the group regarding Rep. John Murtha's position on how Iraq should be handled. He is by no means a liberal in the traditional sense, and has a personal history of long and distinguished service as a Marine.

His position is that we should pull the bulk of our troops back to Iraq's borders, guarding against the entry of insurgents, terrorists, weapons, etc., and supporting and protecting Iraq's cross-border trade. He's saying we should produce an environment where the Iraqis can reach their own internal equilibrium, without putting our troops in the position of constant targets of opportunity, and as lightning rods for Muslim extremist propaganda. Our troops would enter into combat only if a major insurgent attack took place, then withdraw to the borders again.


Tim Iafolla
Posted 12/19/2005 09:23AM #1
Murtha's right about the presence of so many US troops fanning the insurgency and becomming targets for it. US military commanders, although they don't agree with Murth'as pullout stance, have stated the same and the Bush crew is only slowly awakening to that reality. I like Biden's plan to place NATO troops at the borders versus the entire responsibility to be placed upon the US military.
Two things can affect the above situation within the next six months: 1. Whether or not a secular or non secular leader emerges in Iraq. If it's a religious Shiite leader, we will probably face a Iranian style theocratic government which would be a disaster waiting to happen. 2. The Iraqi constitution HAS to be amended. It was written before the Sunnis entered the political process and leaves so many gaps that the piece of paper is now worth more trouble that its worth.
Both Biden and republican Lindsay Graham think we should know within six months as to where Iraq is headed with respect to our continued presence and the possibility of civil war between the Sunnis and the Shiites...