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Re: Blasphemy

Started by msholdenct, 02/06/2006 09:07PM
Posted 02/06/2006 09:07PM Opening Post
Jim Babcock said:

Libs continues their blasphemy. The article indicates that they are producing a film with black actors in the various roles including that of Jesus. Why is this acceptable? Would it be acceptable to blacks to have a movie with a white male in a KKK robe playing the part of MLK? How would the Muslims respond to a movie of their spiritual founder in a movie at all, yet alone if it were played by a black woman (you think they are pi$$ed about a comic strip 8O )? How about a film about JFK played by a Mexican?

"We really need to do something about the negative imaging of black America," he said. "Black America is the only culture that worships in the form of foreign symbols. The good that can be done is that it can help lift people's interest and combat racism and discrimination."

White Europeans are not Jewish. Typical lib think. Libs have to lie about everything to make themselves and their followers feel good. Gibson made a movie that they just cannot begin to comprehend, so they make up a typical lib response. As usual their screwy way of thinking demonstrates that they do not get it.

Jesus was a real MAN and he was NOT black.

I don't know what color Jesus was, but frankly, I don't think it really matters.

Tell me they're changing the story of his life to portray him as a bad guy, and I'll be concerned. But a quick skim of the article you provided the link to leads me to feel this isn't the case.