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Started by flusk, 02/24/2005 09:15PM
Posted 02/24/2005 09:15PM | Edited 02/24/2005 09:15PM Opening Post

M1 is sometimes visible in my Celestron C5+ from my backyard in light-polluted Fresno…with no filters. [Maybe your scope is too big???smile] However, M1 is dim and easy to miss, and frankly not too impressive visually.

Are you sure you're pointing at the right spot. The first time I went looking for M1 I got my directions messed up, then reversed. My first attempt started from the wrong horn of Taurus…Beta Tau instead of Zeta Tau. Spent probably 20 minutes on that futile endeavor. Persistance is great, except when you're persistantly wrong. I decided to put M1 temporarily on hold and try again later that evening. When I tried again, I immediately recognized my previous error, and moved right to Zeta Tau. Then I proceeded to go "up and left" instead of "up and right." I got mixed up between the inverted image and my RA controls. That was when I pretty new to using a telescope. Now I can find it pretty quickly each time…it's behind that cloud.