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Vacancy on Supreme Court

Started by msholdenct, 07/01/2005 08:16AM
Posted 07/01/2005 08:16AM | Edited 07/01/2005 08:17AM Opening Post
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has submitted a letter of resignation to be effective after her successor is nominated and appointed.

Perhaps we should get an over and under pool going for how many more terms she'll serve while potential successors are fillibustered?
Posted 07/01/2005 08:21AM #1
Depends on Bush - he can pick someone who is reasonably moderate to replace a moderate, and have an easy confirmation, or he can pick someone certain to draw fire, and have a long fight. Given his general behavior for the past 5 years, I am betting on a far-right candidate, probably one of the 7 who are already being fought over, just so he can have it as an issue to distract from other things.

Posted 07/01/2005 09:11AM #2
I expect Rehnquist's resignation within a few weeks. Sadly, the Chief Justice is dying. Bush can nominate a hard righty to replace Rehnquist and a center righty to replace O'Connor without affecting the philosophical make up of the Court.

It is not impossible however that Ginsberg and/or Stephens will retire during the next few years. That's when the fireworks will be truly launched.

- Jim -