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Wall Street Journal on Jan 6 hearings

Started by RussCarroll, 06/11/2022 07:57PM
Posted 06/25/2022 02:18AM | Edited 06/25/2022 02:22AM #170
Originally Posted by Jim Moscheck

You mean the guy involved in the college wrestling sex scandal? That Jim Jordan?

What Jim Jordan says means squat, he's a liar just like your idol DJT.

Here are some other links to the six congressmen who wanted pardons testimony:

I suppose the left is in charge of all media?
Yes! It must also be true that those people that refuse to answer on the grounds it would incriminate them must be guilty also. If they had nothing to hide why won't they answer? We need to start putting these criminals in prison where they belong!
These white collar criminals are some of the worst and they get off too easy. I am not even sure we should give them free lawyers. I have to pay, why shouldn't they have to pay? They probably spent a lifetime smoking Camels and drinking beer every day. Bet that was enough money right there. If it still isn't enough, how bout the money they waste on phones and COLOR tv.
And these men that get charged for messing with underage kids, if they are conservatives you know they are guilty. That is why they are REPUBS, trying to hide it!!