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What's the End Point?

Started by tiafolla, 02/19/2006 08:31AM
Posted 02/19/2006 08:31AM Opening Post
This cartoon thing just seems to be a forest fire that keeps flaring up, partly because of high wind, and partly because people keep tossing cigarette butts in the brush. Just when things seem to quiet down a little, something happens to stir it up again.

Apologies have been offered, to no avail.

What's the group consensus on how (or if) this will finally end? Will it slowly die down over the next several weeks? Or will a group of protestors do something so egregious (more egregious than serious property damage and getting a few of themselves killed) that a serious escalation is required? Or are we seeing the flash point of a worldwide jihad?

As my 9-year-old niece says: "It's just so STUPID!"

Tim Iafolla
Posted 02/19/2006 09:06AM #1
Insanity has no endpoint!


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Posted 02/19/2006 03:47PM #2
Howdy ya'll, haven't been here in quite awhile, but thought I'd drop in to donate a good Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that kinda goes toward this whole cartoon-religious-insult-madness. It came to me courtesy of my brother who is a voracious reader of brilliant pre-21st century minds. Here is the quote:

"The great army of cowards who bellow and bully...have no confidence in truth or God. Truth will not maintain itself, they fancy, unless they bolster it up, and whip and stone the assailants;...the being of God they seem to think dependent on what we say of it."

BTW, the quote can also apply to Christian fundamentalists afaic, or anyone else who's religious or superstitious beliefs are offended or threatened by freedom of expression. That isn't to say that a clash of drastically different cultures doesn't require greater respect and understanding... there is obviously a general dearth of that in today's world imo.