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I believe that......

Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 10:51PM

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Posted 01/05/2005 05:10AM #1
How about big bang, evolution, AND big plan. Not everyone thinks there's conflict between science and religion.
Posted 01/05/2005 07:01PM #2
...or all four? Why not a big plan followed by a big bang followed by creation followed by evolution?
Posted 01/06/2005 03:05PM #3
I agree. That's why I couldn't choose an answer because I don't see any conflict between these things.
Posted 01/07/2005 12:02AM #4
I agree; I think God said Bang and it happened. I feel that the world was created using a set of rules that we call science, and that everything is in a constant state of evolution, adaption, and change.

With some of the celebrities we have out there I often wonder if humans are evolving into something better or devolving......
Posted 01/07/2005 11:17AM #5
I agree with everyone here. Because I believe in evolution and the Big Bang does not mean that I don't believe in God and His creation of everything. I've had this chat with many people (one who was convinced that since I studied and believed science I was automaticly either an atheist or a liar and going straight to hell). I also look at people smarted than me; Einstein, Hawking, many many scientists believe(d) in evolution and a Big Bang and still believe(d) in God. I figure I might be wrong, but that probably aren't!

Posted 01/07/2005 04:00PM #6
Posted 01/08/2005 12:24AM #7
There are many ideas/opinions/mythologies among humans about what constitues "god." To many, it is a humanlike being who thinks and communicates much as humans do, albeit on a higher level, and has the ability to temporarily suspend or override the laws of physics, locally or globally, at will. For some reason this popular manifestation often is considered to express a special affection for (or domination of) the affairs of man, even though our entire Milky Way Galaxy is but a miniscule portion of the observed universe. Others ascribe animal or geologic characteristics to their gods. All too many believers exhibit a common egomania, however - that their interpretation is the only true and correct one and this gives them strength and power over the rest of us, even to the point of murder and enslavement (physically and/or mentally). It also imbues them with imagined "secret knowledge" by which the unknown and unknowable become revealed to them, soothing their fears. As for Hawking, Einstein inter alios "believing" in god, that is a fiction the believers propogate to make their own mythologies seem more rooted in science. What most scientists do have is an awe and respect for the grandure of the universe, and a willingness to be open minded by admitting that there may be forces and processes they neither understand or apprehend. The "god of the gaps" believers immediately use this admission to force their certainties on the rest of us.
Posted 01/08/2005 03:47AM #8
the only problem with your theory is that if you believe in God then you must believe that he breathed life into Adam ( a human ) not an animal such as the ape... it's one or the other...

I do believe that God could have created the earth & universe at any stage or age at all including fossils and all..

Mark V
Posted 01/08/2005 10:42AM #9
Although I partially disagree with your opening statement, you have made a good observation. I purposfully omitted the distinction between following the Biblical story (God creating Adam from the earth and breathing life into him), and following a story seperate from that one, but none the less never doubting the existence of God (eg. God creates the universe and then eventually people evolve). I also would not care to make that distinction now. smile I feel that if one does believe in an omnipotent being, then they could, as you said, 'have created the earth & universe at any stage or age at all including fossils.' I suppose it is also possible that God created the universe long before the Earth was around, and had a plan for it that led to us being here.