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I believe that......

Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 10:51PM

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Posted 01/08/2005 10:54AM #10
That is an interesting theory, although I do not prescribe to it. I indeed have a deep awe and respect for the universe and not only its grandure, but its beauty and simplicity as well. I do not assume to know what some of the great scientific minds of the past and present believe, nor do I base my beliefs on what someone else believes (that sort of defeats the scientific process of gathering knowledge). I mentioned the beliefs of other scientific minds simply because I am aware that they are smarter than I am. If their purpose for claiming a belief in God had an underlying motive, then I would not be able to prove or disprove that. I do know however what I have learned and seen for my own eyes. I find that the more I study science and physics, the fewer coincodinces I find. Simply looking at electromagnetic theory and gravitational theory alone (let alone quantum and the less classical approach to physics) leads me to believe that something had planned the laws that govern the universe - they were not simply thrown together at random!

Posted 01/09/2005 12:46AM #11
Finally, I've found some people that see this the way I do! How presumptous of us to think that God would have had to create the universe, the earth, the animals on it, and/or us silly humans all with the snap of his fingers. shocked Why could he have not caused the big bang, the forming of earth (and others like it perhaps) and after creating animals and letting them evolve for a few million years, come up with he idea to mold humankind from the ape family? That would be much more interesting and creative to him than to just snap his fingers and voila! God might want to have fun, too. grin
Posted 01/10/2005 11:27PM #12
Not everyone thinks there's conflict between science and religion.

It depends on how you define "science" and "religion". Which religion are you talking about? But I won't go there.

Science has traditionally meant the study of how the universe operates, or what are the physical laws. Lately, that has changed a little bit. It is not uncommon to hear people limit science to only natural events. This eliminates the possibility of God's existence. The problem is, if there is a god and he did create something, then this "science" has no way of determining whether or not that god exists or whether, or not he performed some sort of miracle.
Posted 01/13/2005 01:59PM #13
I've read some really great thought's on all this and agree with most.In my religion we are taught with GOD time and space does not exist so with that in mind i would think all position's are probable.....
Posted 01/15/2005 06:17PM #14
from what i have learned from my religion is that it is useless to argue about such things(even though it has said about galaxies, local group,super clusters and such cosmological structures) . And i belive that it is correct becouse i have never seen any of the theorys in this world proved completly right throughout the history (who knows maybe someday some one will prove that E=mc2 is wrong!!)