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Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 03:51PM

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Posted 03/15/2008 01:48PM #1
That guys is funny for sure but his humor is based mostly on embarrassing attacks on others...humor should not be funny at the cost of humiliating others.....jack benny johnny carson jay leno are funny and make you feel good when they get done...while i am on the soap box...there is noooo reason to use obscene language when doing does not make the joke any funnier....

Posted 03/15/2008 08:34PM #2
Funny is whatever makes you laugh. I always cringe when someone tries to say what I should or should not be laughing at. I think it's inaccurate to say that Dave's humor is "mostly" based on humiliating others. I've looked at each of the choices in this response, and they all make fun of someone in nearly every show. If you watch Letterman enough you'll see he also makes fun of himself. Obscene language alone may not be funny to me, but presented in context in can be funny, to me. If you look back at some of the arguably great comedians and compare their television appearances to their nightclub performances, there is a radical difference in their use of vulgarity.
This Gov. Spitzer thing, for example, is a tragic event for the governor and his family, but it's a hoot for those of us who love to make fun of hypocrites. I think some people deserve to be made fun of, in fact I laughed when I read your comments and I'll bet someone else is laughing at mine. It's all a good thing, we need to laugh more and worry less about whether we should or not.
Posted 03/29/2008 08:36AM #3
Who can stay that late? (I start work at 5:30 a.m.) I like Victor Borge - he had fun with high-brow humor - other concert pianist and singers, etc., and low-brow humor - "I shall have to wear the tie...yes, the long one...the real long one".