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Is This Year's American Idol Winner

Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 03:51PM

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Posted 04/08/2011 12:15AM #1
I guess a write-in vote won't help her now.
She should have at least been in the final three.
Oh well. She may have a recording contract before Idol picks their winner.
Posted 04/08/2011 08:01AM #2
She is kinda hot, which I doubt helps much with the teeny bopper voters.
Posted 04/08/2011 10:32PM #3
Yeah, no doubt!
If Pia doesn't get a record deal soon,
maybe she can do Astromart support incentive work.

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Posted 05/14/2011 03:16PM | Edited 05/14/2011 03:19PM #4
Omigosh, I do believe I am in luv!!!! grin

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