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NCAA 2008 Mens Basketball Champions

Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 03:51PM

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Posted 04/04/2008 10:00AM #1
I think thats going to be a bit of misguided effort if you ask me. Noble, but misguided.

I hope they do it though. Show the big boys up some!!!!


PS: I would even bet a slab of that Pacific NW salmon on that one. 8)
Posted 04/04/2008 05:08PM #2
Well I watch a lot of college BB, and Memphis looks like the best team to me. I am a die hard North Carolina fan, and it pains me to say, but I rank the teams 1) Memphis, 2) Kansas, 3) North Carolina, and 4) UCLA.

We will just have to wait and see.

Posted 04/05/2008 08:07PM #3
Maybe I should head to Vegas?

He he,