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Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 10:51PM

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Posted 09/04/2006 09:18PM #20
A well thought out, well articulated post. I totally agree, and could not have said it any better.
(Or as well, for that matter).
Posted 09/07/2006 02:51PM #21
That was quite possibly the best post I've read in this discussion.
Posted 09/09/2006 01:31AM #22
Collin Smith said:

Regarding Pluto, I think it's important to consider what scholars in the know think. Without a doubt, a better source than amateur postings on AstroMart is Mike Brown, professional astronomer and discover of the largest object orbiting the Sun outside Neptune ...
and his requiem to his own Xena ...

Read these three and I think any rational person would have to say that insisting Pluto remain in the same category as, say, Neptune, is more than just conservative; it's reactionary. People certainly have the right to be reactionary, and to hold on to beliefs LONG after they're obviously held for cultural reasons than scientifically valid ones.

I work in IT and live in a very conservative part of the US. The people I work around are quite intelligent, and many are gifted programmers. But many of them also believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, the Noahic Flood is an historical (hysterical? :-) event, and that Jesus Christ's return in imminent.

Pluto's demotion is common sensical, and based on sound scientific reasoning. Jeffrey, do you believe in Geology? And if you don't, then your beliefs about Astronomy are as equally invalid.

The Bible doesn't change. It's text, barring amazing archeological discoveries of Aramaic or Hebrew texts from the First Century or before (an unlikely event) are fundamentally set. Science DOES change, and that's what this is all about. If Science didn't change we'd all still be Ptolemeists (Ptole-Maoists ?)

These "scholars in the know" you talk about, no disrespect intended, all have a piece of paper hanging on their wall saying "I'm smart".. That doesn't mean they are reasonable, nor have any common sense. That's not to say ALL scholars.. Just those whom insist on being right no matter what. Just like the string theory where all the "scholars in the know" had dismissed it entirely! Why? Because the scientist that came up with it wasn't "in the club".. Now, just because us "non-paper-toutin'" astronomers aren't in the "club" doesn't mean we're stupid! And I'm quite well versed in Geology, the science (not belief) thank you so why would you want to invalidate my knowledge of astronomy? Because I'm not "in the club"? Also, I don't "believe in" your King James version of the Hebrew bible. Science has proven it was fabricated, or "built" of only certain books (stories) to ensure what the Priests (in the club) wanted the "common" folk NOT to know.
Science doesn't change, only our understanding of it does.. The same goes for your King James version of the Hebrew bible.
Ptolome wasn't a Maoist...
Posted 09/10/2006 05:12AM #23
Are you saying that just because we don't hang a shingle that states.. "I'm Smart"? Are we "emotional" people without warrant? Do our conclusions not matter? Just because we aren't PHD-holding doesn't make us just the dumb sheep with the shepard leading us to water.. Man! Look what happened to Gallileo! And you have the balls to say we're "sentimental"! You must be a Nazi sympathiser (or of the same mindset) You know, "We know what's best for you"... "You don't need to know what's real, we'll let you know"..

Maybe we just have a bad tast in our mouths from what History has taught us... Do you remember Alexandria? If not, let me refresh your memory.. It was DESTROYED so the "common" folk had no reference to what was real, then spoon-fed by the "ones in the know".. Better known as The Priests (in those times, now it's the IAU).. Give me a break! Do not mistake my steadfastness for emotion.. This is no fantasy but rather a lesson learned from history..

Are you shocked to learn that "we" really do know history? Are you shocked to find that "we" don't blindly follow "those in the know"??? We deal with reality, not some vision of grandeur.. That's my opinion and I'm schtickin' to it! ;-)

Edward Conley said:

The results of this poll so far are very surprising to me.
I was wondering how far ahead the "isn'ts" were when I voted. I was shocked to see that the "is's" are ahead!

I never knew so many of my brethren amateurs are so sentimental, rather that scientific minded.