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THE QUESTION - some of you shouldn't look - you have been warned

Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 10:51PM

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Posted 08/10/2008 08:51PM #70
I read only some of the comments, but from those everybody seems to be blaming the polititions. Isn't the fault really with US in general. We just had a primary election for some local offices and a tax levy and only 19% of the voters turned out. THERE'S the real problem.

The comments I read about the government being for the people by the people certainly won't work with that kind of turn out. It really shouldn't matter who is president if the PEOPLE get out there and MAKE the government do what's right for the PEOPLE. I'll tell you this too, what's right for the people surely isn't catering to big oil and corporate america.

Corporate GREED is the REAL terrorist in America and we need a president who will fight THAT!!!!!!

American products should ALL be MADE IN AMERICA, by America worker for a decent wage where they can actually support a family, buy health care, save for their children's education and save for retirement. How ya gonna do all that on so called minimum wage. HAH!!! The party that supports that kind of thinking surely is NOT the right party for president. The "trickle down" theory didn't for Reagan and it won't work now. Corporate america does not need more money, the people of america do.

Support AMERICA and write your representitive to cmome up with a law that will do just that. American made in america. If the PEOPLE do their party the government must act.

Ok that's all for now.

Posted 08/10/2008 11:59PM #71
What ever you say Dick. Man your a testy boy. FWIW I've laid hands on many Humvees. Why is it you think that the light wheeled vehicle mechanics aren't in harms way? Seems as though that we happen to ride in the bradly and the Humvee...even during the invasion. Who do you think works on these things when they break in battle? Back off on the attitude??? I don't have any attitude towards you. Yes you did hurt my feelings...I'm really struggling to come to grips with your harsh words, lol. There are some people on these forums I would LOVE to meet someday. What are you suggesting with the "scuffle" comment. Just for the record I will not and do not "scuffle". I do however give 100%...always wink

Chris P

Richard Wright said:


Unlike you, I haven't made a smart remark in my previous post, so I don't know what you are talking about.

The historical record is the US Marines on sentry duty were ordered to keep their guns empty. So the truck carrying an enormous bomb was able to drive up without anyone able to stop its driver. This was reported at the time, and public rage at the betrayal of our troops started building. And Reagan got up and turned on the waterworks with great solemnity, and folks forgot why those young men were dead.

As for the HumVee, you must not have touched one. It's one of the widest machines on the road, and one of the heaviest, yet its exterior is a light aluminum shell meant to save enough weight so it can be airlifted. The good thing about the Jeep which preceded it is it was small enough no one would confuse it having off-road capabilities with any thought that it should be used an armored car. But it wasn't the Republican Congress failing to provide armor that caused the problem- they had provided for the military. When the 4th Mechanized Infantry Division rolled in, complete with M2 Bradley fighting Vehicles and M1A1 tanks, they were told to park them and use HumVees. So you had 11 Bravos dismounting armor and taking light trucks into combat. But yeah, I'm sure the 63 Bravo mechanics and a whole lot of other people who don't get shot at think they are great.

So, why were the tracks parked and silly utility vehicles put in their place? Well, as it turns out, this was the one part of the Pottery Barn principle the administration understood: If you use tracks on streets, they can damage them.

Now back off on the attitude. If I hurt your feelings without even saying anything, you've got too thin a skin to survive a scuffle.

Chris Provost said:

[QUOTE]Richard Wright said:

This is a good point. I don't think we have a contender with Reagan's acting skills in our current crop. Those tears on national television when the bodies of our Marines came home saved his Presidency. Of course, the current guy found a way from being accountable, even when our soldiers have been ordered to park their tracks and drive those pos humvees. Yep, he has something.


Lol, I guess I should have not used the word "act". I knew someone would use that to describe Reagans presidency. Just to clarify though the Humvee is not a pos. The men and woman who work on these (63 Bravo) would most likely not take kindly to that. The Humvee is not designed for a lot of things but it is designed for durability. As was said earlier the executive branch doesn't give the go ahead on funding. Should anyone think the troops need to be mechanized then I suggest you lobby your congress person on that point unless of course they are on the Republican side of the isle...they already agree. While your giving your wish list to your elected official please don't forget to express your dismay over the attachment of STUPID spending to our defense budget. BTW I can live without the smart a$$ comments. I have not offered any as of yet but it is something I am very good at grin Why is it that people can't have a constructive debate without all the 4th grade baby talk?

Posted 08/11/2008 04:52AM | Edited 08/11/2008 04:54AM #72
Don Barar said:

Besides, Bob eats cheese made from human breast milk.

Actually, it's pretty good. I think the mice have some in their valise!


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Robert Howe
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Posted 08/11/2008 02:07PM #73
-George Bush affirmed in the State of the Union Address in 2003 that Iraq was seeking out -enriched Uranium from Africa to make a nuclear bomb. That was a lie and he knew it.

How about a refresher course in history? Don't you remember vice president Al Gore blasting the Bush administration for *not* heeding Billyboy's "warnings" about Saddam?? Or was your beloved Billy spewing lies himself??

How about Billyboy himself?

And yes, the top Dems you love so much..

Those are the actual words right out of their own mouths. Actual news footage from 2002 and earlier! Before the 2003 State of the Union address!
Posted 08/11/2008 04:08PM #74
I apologize for my rant. My temper got the best of me. Again I'm sorry to all on the list.

Posted 08/11/2008 04:18PM #75
You can always delete it, or edit it, you know.

Joe Bergeron

Moderator, Astro-Physics Forum
Posted 08/11/2008 04:30PM #76
Thanks for your help Joe. Should Herb think I posted something he doesn't like or find fit then I'm sure he will edit it accordingly.
Posted 08/11/2008 06:54PM #77
As bad as it may seem, it is a good reminder that we should not let our emotions cloud our sense of reality. Flying off the cuff almost always ends up doing more harm than good. I understand where both Chris, and Richard are coming from. Richard and I have buried the hatchet, maybe Chris and Richard can do the same. They are both passionate about the same thing, keeping our brothers in arms as safe as possible. Losing someone is never easy, but it is so easy to put blame on someone else. The sad reality is that no matter how many precautions are taken, someone will always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I personally don't care much for the Hummers, but it still is a big improvement over the CJ2As we had in WWII. There are weak, vulnerable spots in everything. It's just sad that someone has to die to prove it.

Joe Bergeron said:

You can always delete it, or edit it, you know.
Posted 08/13/2008 12:43PM #78
"about 68 percent of foreign companies doing business in the U.S. avoided corporate taxes over the same period."

I've been complaining about this for years! The tax code is a fault of OUR REPRESENTATIVES in Congress from BOTH parties. But the article is vague in many ways. There was no mention of "how", and no mention of any company names.
I've seen it locally where the politicians boast about bringing in a "foreign company" and bring jobs to the area. Then when their tax "grace period" is over, they run the place into the ground and return home to their country laughing all the way to the bank. Others just "sell" it to another family member and the tax "grace period" starts all over again. All along the local businesses are paying all the taxes and some have gone out of business because of it. Yeah, it is sickening..

The tax code needs revised so no large company, foreign or domestic, goes without paying. How come that's not an "issue" during any elections? It's mentioned by some as just a "catch phrase", but never really explained in any detail as to why, or when these "tax credits" were implemented. Obviously it was before the last 2 "administrations" so nobody can "blame" either one. It's Congress that needs to stand up and change it.
Posted 08/13/2008 11:03PM #79
I am sincerely wish the intellectually poor who are planning on voting for Nader will wise up and vote for Barr.

Michael in San Jose
A Vietnam Vet Progressive (or liberal, take your pick)

Even as wisdom often comes from the mouths of babes, so does it often come from the mouths of old people. The golden rule is to test everything in the light of reason and experience, no matter from where it comes. M. Ghandi.