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Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 03:51PM

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Posted 01/16/2007 03:21PM #1

The media hates the Bears, by the way. The problem is as much the offensive line's than it is Grossman. When their offensive line is doing good, then Grossman does good.

Well I thought it'd be San Diego beating New Orleans, but with that loss I give the nod to N.O. I think their heart is in it more than any other team, and that's going to count for a lot.

Posted 01/21/2007 09:18PM #2
get kicked to the curb!!

Bye Bye Patriots and Saints!!

Sweetness is Smiling!


Posted 01/24/2007 08:22PM #3
Glad to see that I get to eat my words. GO BEARS!

Posted 01/31/2007 08:29PM #4
Herb York said:

..... based on our groups performance on sport polls I would bet BEARS HEAVY.

Excellent point!

I picked the Cardinals to win the World Series and the Florida Gators to win the national championship. That makes me 2 for 2 and I thought I had it all figured out. 8) But after seeing the results of this poll, I'm really worried because I picked the Colts. shocked