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Started by bstratton, 01/10/2003 07:31AM
Posted 01/10/2003 07:31AM Opening Post
Sexually Transmitted Diseases

For another case: Let's talk about sexually transmitted diseases. They have been with man for ages. I was curious about the history of these diseases , so I went to the library and looked at some books about them.
It was interesting how they talked about how people in the past did not have a clue how they circulated. Only that promiscuous people were more prone to get them. But the modern books I read were very strange, in that they never disclosed scientifically where these diseases originated or why people get them. I thought they would say, well if you are promiscuous , you have a higher natural chance of getting them. Buy why, is it God punishing people for their sexual excursions away from marriage. No, he does not try people with evil things , the Bible says (James 1:13).

Rather he warns people to stay in the bounds of monogomy, and a stable marriage. He knows how we are created. He knows there is something in the make-up in man that can't handle a person receiving foreign tissue, biology from too many people into their bodily system. Or, whatever the biological reasons these diseases continue. I am not a scientist. (I am also not saying that a person who has 4 or 5 marriage partners is guaranteed to get diseases.) Diseases is , for one reason, why God in his love commands people not to commit fornication, homosexuality, and adultery. From my studies into the history of these diseases, I saw that these diseases spread through promiscuous behaviour (no surprise here) among various sectors of the human race, prostitution, promiscuity, ect. Down through the ages, this behavoiur has kept these viruses, diseases alive in the general community.

Look at Africa, the nation is in sore straits because of Aids. They have problems in their culture with keeping morals, for example married truck drivers will have sex with women on their journeys across the land. Some have funeral customs where woman share their bodies with relatives, ect. Young people, are for the most part immoral. If people lived up to the Bible's standards, this situation would most probably not have happened.

So , if scientists want to really help the community, instead of having an evolution mindset and exclusively try and find medical cures to these diseases (I am glad they are trying), they would really benefit mankind if they would have the God mindset and do research into why mankind is getting these diseases and then take this research to the people and say look at what we have found. God is right. This is how you prevent. Change your morals. Not, here is your condom, I know you can't control yourself, and don't worry you can continue your conduct, we will find cures. They have the attitude that these diseases are not caused by the nature of the conduct itself, but just bad evolution of microbes that somehow caused man harm.

Finished my rant. Whew!