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A Comparison of Logic for Discussion

Started by pkamm, 01/16/2003 09:25PM
Posted 01/16/2003 09:25PM Opening Post
Atheistic Creation:

Conclusion: God(s) do not exist

Premise: Everything is natural. Natural processes give rise to everything that is.

Flaw in Logic: The premise does not necessarily lead to the conclusion, it only allows for its possibility.

Theistic Creation:

Conclusion: God(s) exist

Premise: Everything is artificial. Things cannot simply "exist" or processes "occur", they are so ordered that they must have been designed by an intelligent entity.

Flaw in Logic: If everything so ordered must be intelligently created, then badly unresolved is the issue of who designed God, a being much more ordered and perfect even than the Universe itself which is deemed "to good" to have occurred by nature. If God (and the space/hyperspace in which he exists) are made an exception with a wave of the hand and a "they always existed" statement then the basic Premise is false and the conclusion makes no sense.

Posted 01/17/2003 12:58AM #1
Where is Jean-Paul Sartre when we need him?