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A Creation Challenge

Started by jwhitby, 01/18/2003 12:37PM
Posted 01/18/2003 12:37PM Opening Post
When my son (6 yrs) asked his older sister (10) where babies come from - she told him they come from those gumball machines at the grocery store with the small plastic container and toy inside - which I thought was a very creative answer.

So - a challenge - who can make up the most creative - and simplest - explanation for the creation of the universe or the world - (Genesis version excluded)- points given for obscure heathenistic or religious explanations as well.

Is this group only able to argue and defend positions - or can its participants exercise some creative intelligence?

Posted 01/18/2003 02:23PM #1
John, we did have a friendly, non-denominational discussion about what qualities you can discern about a Creator from looking at the universe, and believe it or not, Gary started it.