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A poem

Started by NebSteve, 04/15/2011 10:59AM
Posted 04/15/2011 10:59AM Opening Post
I started writing this one about five years ago, and wanted to include a wide variety of things. Mostly parts of our universe as if they spoke to us. Enjoy... or not... wink

I am the land
The place where you live
Providing all you may have -
In proportion to your efforts
From me you may learn -
… of work, pain and pleasure
And with great effort… abundance

I am the sea
In perpetual motion
Prone to rage
Yet for the moment at peace
Upon my shores you will stand at the threshold of change
I give clouds to the sky
From my rivers drink deep this life I yield

I am the sky
The boundless blue
Just above you and in all directions
Float lightly through my expanse
Do so with awe, with respect
You would not survive my anger
Hold fast…and feel my wind embrace you

I am the sun
Bright and burning
Feel my warmth upon your skin and in the beat of your heart
I bristle with power beyond your imagination
Yet … greet you in the morning
And bid you fond farewell in the evening
Bask in my glory

I am the moon
At home in the darkness
Alone, old and gray
Survivor of cataclysm
In silence I sleep
Rest beneath my cool glow
And dream

I am the distant stars
Bright yet hard to see
Scattered on a scale of enormity
I invite you to pause and consider
Beauty in the simplest of things
I dance upon your heartstrings
And float in the sea of eternity

I am the particle
The smallest imaginable
Not even a chip of a fragment of a grain
Energetic but not even a mumble
Impossible to see
Yet all of creation is made of me
As are you

I am the time that passes
Ageless yet the measure of an age
For all things in a state of change
Past, present and future are mine
I mark the pace
And measure the span of lives
Revel in your time

I am the people around you
Some caring, some indifferent
Individuals, yet a group
Searching for fortune or destiny
Seeking you out
To learn with
And share this life

I am the universe that surrounds you
From infinitesimal to intergalactic
Fluxuating ad infinitum
With power incalculable
Presented to you so personally
With warm sunlight upon green fields -
Providing in abundance… all that is known

A man upon the earth …I am
Beneath the sun and the sky
What I experience is through this body
What I think or feel, through this mind
Battling only the tempest within me
Often lost, I seek something beyond myself
Searching in vain as many do… for a golden age

I am… all that is…
We are…a part of each other
Work hard with honesty
Learn with diligence
Dream without limit
Share without measure
Seek with curiosity… in time find… gold is nothing…
but the dust beneath you