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Adam And Eve And Evolution's Progenitors

Started by bstratton, 01/13/2003 10:00AM
Posted 01/13/2003 10:00AM Opening Post
Evolutionists, and some liberal Christians have a problem with the Adam and Eve story, it is too perfect according to them.

Then, if we believe in evolution, how did man begin? Did 10 different people in different parts of the globe all of sudden pop out of the ground, and kazoom man started? Not likely, since all races have the same DNA, according to recent studies by geneticists. Which points to an original progenitor. I know of course, according to evolutionary theory, that the different forms of humanoids developed into what we have today. I am talking though about the "final form" of humanoid that looks like us today.

So, if we believe in evolution, there would probably have to have been a single "final form" man that developed first, or at most a couple of humans, and so we arrive at the same place as Genesis. The Adam and Eve account is not that strange. Evolution would have had to have their "Adam and Eve" too.

Posted 01/13/2003 10:09AM #1
Well it's not like there's apes rooting around for nuts and berries all of a sudden one of them gives birth to a person.

What happens is one gives birth to one that has slightly larger-than-average brain size. Or longer-than-average fingers. Or maybe it can stand up a little straighter and taller than the average ape.

This ape eats a little better than the others, because it can dig better, reach higher, or be more clever at finding food than the others. As a result it has a statistical edge at successfully mating and reproducing, and its offspring in turn have a slight edge in survivability if they inherit this ape's traits.

As one might expect it's a painfully slow process for these slight statistical advantages to translate into noticeable changes. So it takes millions of years.

As for the Adam and Eve story, I think it's a nice story. But I think it's just that. A story. As an explanation of origins, to me personally, it stretches the limits of credibility. Not to mention the fact that Adam and Eve's children have to reproduce by marrying their siblings -- eewwwwww!
Posted 01/13/2003 10:17AM #2
I would also point out that even if one believes the Adam and Eve story it forces a belief in evolution to a certain degree -- if we do not genetically change over time in response to the environment, if we never "evolve", then we would not change to any great degree over the eons -- if we were all derived from two people then, we should all look nearly identical to each other. But in reality the variation is considerable, we are many different sizes, colors, etc.