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Started by Jozeph, 03/06/2003 08:12PM
Posted 03/06/2003 08:12PM Opening Post
First time I've noticed that addition, but then I haven't been here in awhile. Seems appropriate to throw that in with religion and philosophy though. I watched the press conference tonight. Was it my imagination or did Bush use the same answer for every question? Strange times we live in to be sure..
Posted 03/06/2003 08:29PM #1
Hey Joe, (isn't that a song or something ) Yes, Bush did use the same anwser, but, for a reason (I believe). The questions of the reporters, though many good, tended to draw away from the issue. It's like asking if abortion is ok in a rape case. The issue is wheather abortion is murder. If that is true than a rape shouldn't change that. Circumstances sourounding his decision concerning support from other countries, the peoples opnion, the cost...none of them change the fact that he feels this is his job, as President, to protect the American people.