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Atheists More Distrusted Than...

Started by dsnope, 12/10/2011 11:39AM
Posted 12/10/2011 11:39AM Opening Post

A new study finds that atheists are among society's most distrusted group, comparable even to rapists in certain circumstances.

"People find atheists very suspect," Shariff said. "They don't fear God so we should distrust them; they do not have the same moral obligations of others. This is a common refrain against atheists. People fear them as a group."

I don't know, though. Asking 420 college students questions on morality? I don't trustem. And I can remember certain identifiable groups cheating on exams in college. They definitely weren't atheists.

And atheists aren't an organized group, or a philosophy. They are a non-philosophy.
Posted 12/10/2011 02:23PM | Edited 12/10/2011 02:35PM #1
There have been a number of studies like this, and generally they show the same results. Here's another one as example -

One must remember (before anyone posts something not appropriate here), that studies like these do not reveal anything about the group in question, but more about the other groups. I think if you look at the study and the questions, it is reasonable to conclude that what they are revealing is how any group generally feels about another group that they know little about. There is always a level of distrust and formation of opinions based on misinformation about little understood groups. Since atheists are a relatively small portion of the population, they will probably not be understood well at all by the other groups in the population, and therefore generally trusted less than groups and people known.

To illustrate, when Catholics were an emerging group in America, there was much mistrust of them, and really a lot of this mistrust still persists in pockets here and there. Here's a bit about it -

It's human psychology to distrust what you don't understand...the human race still struggles with even the basic tenants of Christ's teachings. Amazing?
Posted 12/13/2011 10:47AM #2
Just a little funny to lighten things up a little,,,,

A religious women upon waking up each morning would open her front door stand on the porch and scream, “Praise the lord.” This infuriated her atheist neighbor who would always make sure to counter back, “there is no Lord.” One morning the atheist neighbor overheard his neighbor praying for food, thinking it would be funny, he went and bought her all sorts of groceries and left them on her porch. The next morning the lady screamed, “praise the Lord, who gave me this food.” The neighbor laughing so hard he could barely get the words out screamed “it wasn’t the Lord, it was me.” The lady without missing a beat screamed “praise the Lord for not only giving me food but making the atheist pay for it!!”

Thought it was kinda funny,,
Posted 12/20/2011 12:46PM | Edited 12/20/2011 12:47PM #3
people named "dave" more distrusted than paedophiles/murderers or rapists.
i dont know, though.

what do you think of that headline (followed by your brilliant comment) ?

this is the kind of retarded bs that should be moderated. you think that following your hateful headline with "i dont know" makes it ok? seriously, fu.