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Attack of the Clones

Started by pkamm, 12/28/2002 02:13AM
Posted 12/28/2002 02:13AM Opening Post
OK so by now you've seen this thing on the news about this claim of a human clone. Ignoring for a moment whether the claim is valid, how do you guys feel about this?

The people making this claim belong to a religion founded on the idea that little green men created all life on earth. Do we want these people making lots of carbon copies of themselves? Or any other group for that matter?

I think this will lead to no end of trouble.
Posted 01/07/2003 05:02AM #1
Hey, another Paul!

I'm npt very worried yet. Cloning is difficult, and does not produce carbon copies, just genetic ones. Who we are is based not just on genetics, but on upbringing. I worry about kooks like these reproducing and bringing up children. How they reproduce is not so important.

Paul Kinzer