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Started by Jozeph, 01/27/2003 02:45PM
Posted 01/27/2003 02:45PM Opening Post
Don't any of you have to work for a living? ;-)
Posted 01/27/2003 03:16PM #1
Of course..... How do you think we get the time to log on to AstroMart!!!????? :^)


* Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a day.
* Teach a man to use the internet and he won't bother you for weeks.
Posted 01/27/2003 06:09PM #2
Don't you believe in coffee breaks? :-)
Posted 01/28/2003 05:25AM #3
Oh yeah. Being in tech support however lets me indulge a little bit as there are slow times, & also in some cases I'll be stuck on a call where I have little to do but hold the other person's hand, so to speak, and can browse the 'net to my heart's content.

The subject of this forum, though, makes its rather busy nature explainable. I've watched religious threads pop up in some usenet groups and there's usually an explosion of replies.
Posted 01/28/2003 11:37AM #4
OK, I was just checking. I don't manage my time well enough to keep up with this forum. In fact I sometimes suspect that time may function differently for me than it does for other people. Could be I accidently crossed through a temporal rift a few years back, and I'm still trying to get reoriented. Thats as good an excuse as any I guess...