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Can Philosophy and Religion Coexist ?

Started by Thomas Wos, 01/20/2003 07:37PM
Posted 01/20/2003 07:37PM Opening Post
It seems to me that philosophy is for the most part objective, and to a substantial degree, acknowledges the unknown.
And religion exists mainly on a subjective level, basically with little room for the unknown, and deals in beliefs that are taken as being definitive in a personal way.
Can a discussion about an unknown frontier, perhaps cosmology, include both vehicles at the same time?
Posted 01/20/2003 08:48PM #1
Apparently not without generating a lot of noise.

Philosophy is the art of wondering and speculating and postulating about the origins, nature and purpose of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Involves a lot of speculation, a lot of free-thinking attitude unfettered by preconceptions.

Religions, at least in the fundamentalist or literalist traditions, generally state these facts as they see them, i.e. "It is Written", -- in other words you are told to believe the teachings of a particular group of men, so that you don't have to think on philosophical matters.

It's a fairly incompatible set of approaches to the fundamental questions of existence.