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Concerning communion & Catholicism

Started by Mark229, 05/29/2004 06:50PM
Posted 05/29/2004 06:50PM Opening Post
The Catholic church can ban whomever they choose to ban from the communion rail. It's their club, and they make their own rules. If you don't like their rules, go somewhere else. As far as salvation is concerned, communion does not get you anywhere. It's God's grace that gives salvation, because there's nothing you nor I can do to be deserving of salvation. That's why it's called the Grace of God.
Posted 05/30/2004 08:05AM #1
This is a problem I see in the Catholic Church. They have stepped in and made themselves an inter mediator between God and man. This is a direct violation of the teachings of Christ. The Catholics believe that through the communion THEY hand out you actually receive Christ and salvation. If that were true Jesus would have lied to the thief on the cross next to Him when He told him today you will be in paradise with me. That can't be unless he received communion from a priest. Communion is nothing more than a remembrance of what Jesus did on the cross for redemption of sin. Vince