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Early Earth's Climate Structure -Part 1

Started by bstratton, 01/08/2003 08:20AM
Posted 01/08/2003 08:20AM Opening Post
The Bible tells how our climate was in the early earth when Adam and Eve existed. The earth had a relatively stable temperature. There was not the wild extremes we have today , with extreme cold air masses meeting extreme warm air masses which contribute to tornadoes, hurricanes also. That was not God's original design. Can't blame him for the weather now. Man is the one who is responsible because of his fall from grace before the time of Noah, where God had to stop man from ruining himself and the earth, and hence caused the flood. Why was the weather stable, and uniformly warm?

The Bible explains that there was a water vapour laden air canopy that resided over the earth's atmosphere. (see Genesis 1:6,7). It acted like a greenhouse , letting the sun's heat in, and not allowing it all to dissippate. Proof of warmer climates can be seen where they have unearthed palm trees in the soil on islands north of Siberia,. Also, they have found mammoth remains at extreme northern climatic zones, so there must have been warm enough weather for them to obtain enough fodder, since they consumed a lot.It had to be warm enough to grow the vegetation they needed.

However at the flood, things changed. God brought the water canopy down in torrential rains, hence the need for Noah and his family to build the ark. Now the climate is different because the canopy is not there. In fact the earth is still in a flooded state, look at the size of the oceans. -continued-see part 2