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Early Earth's Climate Structure -Part 2

Started by bstratton, 01/08/2003 08:32AM
Posted 01/08/2003 08:32AM Opening Post
There is proof that a flood, a world-wide catatastrophe occurred. Mammoths have been unearthed in Siberia where they have been freeze-dried for thousands of years. They are so fresh that the flesh could be eaten by dogs. They had green vegetation still in their mouth. Something happened that was quick. At the time of the flood , the polar regions must have been flash cooled quickly.There are other mass graves of tumbled and twisted animal remains of various species of animals all huddled together (some in Alaska). There is other proofs.

For details , I recommend you read the book -The Genesis Flood, by John C. Whitcomb, and Henry M. Morris. I don't agree with everything in their book, but he gets into some details that are quite convincing.

But did you know that just like how the theory of evolution has been introduced into religions mind set and made the account of Adam and Eve fall into disbelief, the same thing has happened to belief of Noah's Flood.This has important repercussions.

-continued -see part 3