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Early Earth's Climate Structure-Part 3

Started by bstratton, 01/08/2003 08:46AM
Posted 01/08/2003 08:46AM Opening Post
Did you know that some Christian denominations like The Catholics and Lutherans, who believe in creation by God , have changed their belief that the flood of Noah was an actual event that occurred.

For proof, please go to the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1908 , volume 4 , page 702, under the heading Deluge which says that they affirm belief in a world wide flood that was a real event. They mentioned that their Church Fathers, Christian Bible writers like Peter and Jesus, and the history of their Church all give testimony that the flood was a real event in Noah's Day.

Then they abruptly changed their tune. Look at the New Catholic Encyclopedia, of 1967 , volume 2 page 509, under the heading of Bible, and also pages 741 -743 under the heading of Deluge (I think volume 2 also).
Here they say the reverse, that the flood is a myth, an allegory. They went against the Bible's position and the whole history of their Church.

The interesting thing is that this reversal by people who believe in creation ( whether they believe God directly created , or God started the evolutionary process) was prophesied to come about in the last days of this wicked system of things, when true faith in the Bible would be under attack.

continued-see part 4