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God & the WOW signal from SETI

Started by BABOafrica, 02/01/2013 06:09AM
Posted 02/01/2013 06:09AM Opening Post
I don't often post in this part of the forum. But I was struck by the lengthy WOW signal discussion in the Astrophysics forum (which seems to have a prohibition about throwing in any religiously oriented comment). So I wanted to throw one in here.

What would seem natural is that a universe as big as ours would be populated with all kinds of living, intelligent creatures.

Perhaps many such exist. Then again, maybe not.

Either way -- whether they exist or not -- we are essentially "stuck" on earth.

Well, maybe not. Maybe all the wormhole stuff will come true. But with the science we have so far, it doesn't look even remotely possible. Indeed, any true form of messaging each other live seems utterly impossible.

We have not had much a chance to detect intelligent life. But we've had lots of opportunities to detect objects moving faster than the speed of light -- and there aren't any. Maybe that will change. But the "c" limit looks like a solid fact. And if "c" is the fastest anyone anywhere go move, well, then, we (and future generations) are stuck in this solar system.

I'm not sure what it says about God's plan for us, but it is a strange aspect of creation.

It's humbling to think that God gave us the ability to get some idea of just how big his creation is--immense, truly beyond measure--and yet, Star Trek notwithstanding, he has limited our ability to explore it.

Maybe that's another part of what we lost in the Garden...


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Posted 02/01/2013 07:23AM #1
God's greatest gift after life itself is consciousness. Through conscious thought we mortals have access to the boundless and interconnected worlds of mathematics, science, and art.

It always struck me as odd that so many on AMart focus intensely on the gadgets and techniques used to observe the Creator's vision, and at the same time they are openly hostile to any suggestion that this hobby has a spiritual component.

Jim McSheehy
Posted 02/03/2013 08:45PM #2
Hi Joe,
Hi All,
We may seem "stuck here" but only for a while. We haven't set foot on Mars, but it is possible. There may come a day when interstellar travel is attempted, but the motivation to do so would have to be a strong one.

I've noticed something about Astromart members who post here and on several other forums. We tend to explore each others' minds, and often each others' limits. That sense of adventure; to reach out is burned into our individual personalities with some variation, but also into our collective consciousness as a people.

In my belief, God's will is for us to participate in life as individually as our gifts allow. Those with a greater sense of adventure will tend to push the limits. His interaction with us occurs moment by moment as the results of our various efforts unfold. I find it fascinating that this seemingly unseen God who creates whole galaxies so far away, so easily presents us with challenges tailored specifically for this very moment as I sit in my living room typing.

The Earthling who correctly identifies a repeat WOW signal might not be born for another hundred years or more, but it is possible, and eventually someone will be motivated to take on that challenge.