How about UFO?????

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China is taking our jobs and my video of the MOON
hi I had one of my videos of the moon on youtube and some other person copy it and add effects and claming as it is "UFO" on the moon capture by china.
please see this one they got more view than my original video.I think people love to be miss guided!!!

here is there description!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

UFO Caught Over Moon's Surface By Chinese Space Agency Scientists China National Space Administration
?‘‰Æ?q“V‹Ç Speed of UFO over 5,000 mph. ?‘‰Æ?q“V‹Ç scientists use high powered magnification telescope coupled with high speed camera to search moon surface for UFO activity. ?‘‰Æ?q“V‹Ç scientists say there is evidence that moon craters may conceal entrances to underground UFO ports. English speaking Professor Qua Li Wang of the ?‘‰Æ?q“V‹Ç CSA said that initially scientists thought the object was some sort of bug - perhaps a "fry on the rens" of the camera.Italian scientist Georgio Pacelli working with the CSA claimed "it looka likea da bakeda beana". It was later established beyond doubt that it was NOT a bug or a fly or a baked bean on the lens of the camera. Chinese calculations have shown that object may be 1000s of miles above moon's surface and that object's diameter may be several miles wide.
UFO Caught Over Moon's Surface By Chinese Space Agency Scientists China National Administration ?‘‰Æ?q“V‹Ç

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Hi Refet,
Maybe the "I Like To Complain About Everything" forum is the spot for this post, since it is a complaint. I posted a comment on it in the "Me and my Telescope" forum.

We could talk about cults, though. The UFO believers are quasi-religious types. Some have already invented a pantheon of aliens with names and all who are involved in various XFiles-style plots for and against humans. I have seen some posts in this forum claiming that humans are here because of aliens in UFOs making breeding experiments. I won't mention any names.
Just go to YouTube and look at some of the UFO videos and also look at some of the comments in posts about the LROC mission ("They're going to blow up the moon!!"). You will be amazed at the nonsense some folks believe.

The question I'd pose, is why do you think people are prone to believe this sort of stuff?