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How does your religion react to this?

Started by wpaolini, 02/09/2011 09:24AM
Posted 02/09/2011 09:24AM Opening Post
As amazing as the every day world is, at the micro level of life it is simply mind boggling, more so than anything cosmological IMO.

The link below is a Harvard video on "The Inner Life of the Cell" showing all the complexities happening inside the cell, very much a complete world of its own, and very much not random but with purpose.

How do you think the theology of your demonination would react to what you see in this video (scientism adherents also welcome)? Does what this protrays strengthen or weaken the understanding of God as explained by your denomination's theology?

When you load the link, it will come up with an intro screen. Be patient and it will automatically switch to a video.