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Politics on Buying a Scope(There goes my Mak-Newt)

Started by Settimio, 03/05/2003 01:10PM
Posted 03/05/2003 01:10PM Opening Post
Kinda upset at our so-called Allies.The French, Germans and Russians. I Believe they are trying to prevent erosion
of thier Political/Economic Influence and slow the American Economic/Political Machine from having a stonger impact on the world, espically where it directly competes with there own interests. No matter how evil the result is.

I own 3 russian Scopes and exspensive equipment from Ziess. My next purchase was a Planetary scope. a MAk-Newt was in the forefront, a Russian MAK a close second. Even
Markus Ludes was in the running for the purchase but I was leaning towards ITE.

So in my scope purchasing decsision. I'm really thinking about dropping these guys from the short list. Espically
buying a Russian scope from a German distributor. I believe
in the concept of Globilzation, but man, I'm really upset.

The French lack any productd worth buying, so can't cause much damage there.

It looks like a 9.25 SCT for planetary viewing for me.

Am I over reacting?

The first Step towards failure is trying. - Homer Simpson
Posted 03/05/2003 02:26PM #1
>>Am I over reacting?<<

Very possibly. But then, despite incredibly weird assertions from some quarters, we're all, actually, different. I personally would base a scope-buying decision on price and quality, not whether the country of origin has a leader or two ticking me off, but that's just me.