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Re: Andrew S. takes his questions to Equipment Tal

Started by Settimio, 12/18/2003 02:22PM
Posted 12/18/2003 02:22PM Opening Post
Bill, Chris,

I'm pretty busy running a Company, Hocky Games, Seasonal Parties, working out, raising kids, not to mention a brand new Nexstar11 which just arrived last week.

But I am curious. and try and pop in when I can. This forum moves very quickly and it difficult to keep up with it.

I try and work while in the forum and get distracted, (My Business has grown 300% in the last year). Glenn is exactly right. I was in this forum when I signed in and was taken to a different forum but did not bother to pay attention when I posted.


I'm busy keeping Bin Laden in a safe house till October of next year when I'm supose to release him to help Bush's reelection. His poor Grammer and Spelling is rubbing off on me. He keeps bugging me to play some kind of joke on the sharpest segement of the population in the world know as the Philosphy and Religion and Politics Forum on astomart.

Take your pick, either one works for me.

The first Step towards failure is trying. - Homer Simpson