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Re: Nothing interesting here

Started by Jozeph, 01/06/2003 03:30PM
Posted 01/06/2003 03:30PM Opening Post
Well Ed, atheists vs. bible-thumpers may be boring, and deconstructing scripture can get old in a hurry, but people keep arguing about it anyway. The only reason atheists even have a label is because of the widespread persistance of religion. People seem to have the desire to name and define everything, so they even name the absence of things. I don't think atheists are trying to convert anyone, but merely to defend a rational alternative. Anyway, that bores you, so I'll try something else; we don't want anyone here to be bored!

OK Ed, what's your take on the infield fly rule?
Hmmm... maybe something easier. Let's see, aesthetics...

Many years ago I had a murex shell that was a perfect balance of shape, texture and color. To my mind it was whole and could not be improved on either by adding or taking away anything. It seemed to resonate with a sense of completeness, which isn't too shabby for an inanimate object. Well, I lost it and have no idea what happened to it. Maybe the experience of looking at that murex shell was too subjective to have any meaning outside of my own mind, but you could say that about lots of art, and lots of experiences too. Rilke said something about that, and I think it applies well to a few experiences I had in the 60s too. Anyway, on to the quote:

"My God, if any of it could be shared! But would it *be* then, would it *be*? No, it *is* only at the price of solitude."

- Rilke

Oh yeah, one other (unrelated) thing while I happen to think about it; this a bumper sticker I saw once:

"Jesus is coming! Look busy." I kinda liked it...