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Re: Praise The Lord!

Started by tiafolla, 01/07/2006 08:03AM
Posted 01/07/2006 08:03AM Opening Post

Obviously, having absolute faith that God is with you has helped you, enriched your life, and sustained you through some harrowing personal experiences. If so, that's probably the most positive aspect of religion I can think of, and to me represents the ideal of the role religion should play in a free country.

But I'm also reminded of a scene from a Civil War novel I read where a northern regiment has bowed their heads in prayer before a battle, confident that the Lord was with them, would protect them, and would strengthen their arms as they fought the enemy. The next chapter starts with a Confederate regiment doing the same thing. What's a God to do?

The problem starts when people who have the same strength of faith that you do are in positions of power and authority. Often they use their assuredness as a means to justify throwing their weight around, and brooking no argument or opposition because of the source of their absolute knowledge. Example: the religious right, as a result of their religious beliefs, have essentially crippled stem cell research. They aren't amenable to compromise (the cornerstone of a representative, 2-party government) because the source of their knowledge is their God, not their intellect. They have forced their beliefs down the throats of the whole country, to the detriment of us all. In not standing up to them, Congress has shown cowardice and hypocrisy.

In my opinion the politically active religious right are different from the Taliban only in degree, not method or mindset.

Tim Iafolla
Posted 01/07/2006 09:42AM #1
An example:

The belt buckles worn by the Wehrmacht (WW2... German soldiers) bore the inscription

"Gott mitt Uns."

(God with us.)

It's very dangerous to claim god's on your side...

my opinion is that god is on nobody's side.



Posted 01/09/2006 08:50AM #2
Hi Tim,

Wasn't it a civil war president who once said "It is not a question of 'if God is on our side', but rather, 'are we on God's side?" ?



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