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Started by Thomas Wos, 01/16/2003 06:22PM
Posted 01/16/2003 06:22PM Opening Post
Faith, concepts, books, ideas, religions....... do not change, define or create Reality. Ultimate reality is an incredible MYSTERY which can only be EXPERIENCED, but certainly not described in full by ANYONE!
Posted 01/16/2003 08:59PM #1
"religions....... do not change, define or create Reality"

No -- they, more importantly, define our PERCEPTION of reality. People of all religions, including atheism, feel strongly about their core religious beliefs and defend them vehemently when challenged -- why? Because a religion (or lack of it) is large part of an individual's mental model of reality. If you tell someone their beliefs are WRONG, you're telling them they're whole perception of reality is wrong. It's the same as standing next to someone whispering, "You're insane... you're insane... you're insane..."